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Enterprise Content Management

Epicor manufacturing software

Epicor manufacturing software puts more power at your fingertips, so work can happen when it needs to, wherever you are, on any device.

Cloud and On-Premises Enterprise Content Management

Epicor ECM (the new name for DocStar®) is a fully digitized repository with business automation that eliminates the waste and double handling associated with paper, poorly maintained online folders, and never-ending email threads. Epicor ECM empowers your team to capture, store and manage any document or file, from any location, on any device. Powerful integrations with Kinetic, Prophet 21 Software, Vision Software, and virtually any other ERP, accounting or business application give you an even better return on investment. Deeper business insight empowers you to make smart decisions that positively impact your bottom line.

Customers can install the solution on their on-premises hardware or use Epicor ECM SaaS or hosted service. The same software, the same user experience, the same great results. Epicor ECM supports all popular browsers and mobile devices delivering access anytime, anywhere.

Enterprise Content Management
Cloud and On-Premises Enterprise Content Management
Security Granular permission settings in documents, inboxes, folders, workflows, and retention policies meet or exceed compliance requirements.

Audit trail

With Audit Trail, you’ll be able to instantly know every time someone has viewed or changed any document. You’ll know who performed the action, when it was done and what was done—instantaneously—reducing your exposure to risk and giving your business or organization the tools to help you operate more efficiently and profitably.

Data center

Epicor ECM software uses a secure, state-of-the-art Data Center with Amazon Web Services (AWS) that utilizes best practices for backup, maintenance and upgrades helps ensure maximum performance and availability of your business critical documents.

Epicor ECM ValiDate

A unique feature in the core Epicor ECM product, ValiDate verifies document integrity for all new documents added to the repository. When a document is added, an encrypted hashcode is generated, like a “digital fingerprint” stamped with the contents and date and time of entry into the system.
ValiDate helps ensure documents are tamper-proof and valid by evaluating and displaying a green or red stamp each time the document is viewed.


Deployment options

Cloud or on-premises/private cloud—any way you slice it—the same software, the same user experience, the same great results.

Business continuity

Safeguard your data with secure, redundant backups so you can be ready for anything.

Ease of use = speed to ROI

Built for speed and usability, Epicor ECM provides an exceptional user experience—often with little to no training required.

Mobile access



Files can be easily and securely shared with others.

Version control
Process Improvement
Epicor ECM Workflow
Epicor Intelligent Data Capture (IDC)

Using artificial intelligence, including patented unassisted and assisted machine learning algorithms, Epicor IDC helps reduce the manual identification and sorting of incoming documents along with the manual data
entry of key data elements from those documents.

Epicor ECM Connector for DocuSign® eSignature

The Epicor ECM (DocStar) Connector uses embedded electronic signature capability using the DocuSign eSignature API. Access DocuSign from within Epicor ECM ad hoc actions and workflow tasks to complete approvals in minutes—not days —by securely accessing and signing documents from virtually anywhere in the world. External, non-ECM users can also be engaged by DocuSign into a signing ceremony.

Epicor ECM Forms

Easily create electronic input custom forms with drag and drop technology.

Search and retrieve

Retrieval has never been easier with powerful context searching.

Document retention

Easily apply and automatically enforce document retention policies.

Connectors and Integrations

ERP-agnostic with virtually unlimited integrations. Common integrations include:

AP Automation Module for Kinetic, Prophet 21, and Epicor Vision

Use this deeply integrated, packaged workflow to automate processes and approvals for incoming accounts payable invoices into Kinetic, Prophet 21 Software, or Vision Software from any source.

Sales Order Automation (SOA) Module for Kinetic

Use this deeply integrated, packaged workflow to automate processes and approvals for incoming purchase orders—from any source— into sales orders in Kinetic.
Purchase Order Acknowledgements Module for Prophet 21
Solution Options

Epicor ECM (DocStar) software provides a high return on investment across every industry and every department. Use cases include but are not limited to:

Solution Languages

Epicor ECM software is available in U.S. English, French- Canadian, and Spanish language for Latin American and Caribbean (LAC) countries. Language is a user preference, so that each user can choose their preferred language from a drop-down menu on their main ECM screen.

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