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Experience Microsoft® Excel®

Performant, Self-Service, Excel-Based Reporting for Epicor Systems

Experience Microsoft® Excel®-based reporting designed for Finance and all business areas with a fast, flexible, and intuitive solution purpose-built to meet your team’s needs.

Spreadsheet Server is a self-service reporting tool that empowers your business users with the ability to build, run, and share financial and operational reports from inside Excel.

Quick and Easy Excel Reporting
Access current data from your ERP without the need for complex training, SQL coding, or SSRS experience. With up-to-date data, you won’t have to worry about report inaccuracies in a static spreadsheet, and you’ll be able to easily refresh your reports for each new period. Flexible drilldowns help you accelerate your month-end close and give you more time for analysis and strategic decision making.

Operational Reporting for All Business Areas

Spreadsheet Server’s QueryDesigner tool features drag-and-drop functionality that allows business users to build precisely the queries they need, against any ERP module, when they need them. By pairing QueryDesigner with the ability to combine all your organization’s data in a single report, there’s nothing to stop you from tackling all your financial and operational reporting needs.
Spreadsheet Server


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User Types

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Report Distribution

When it comes to keeping your wider organization abreast of critical KPIs, the ability to automatically schedule and distribute reports is essential. With Spreadsheet Server, report distribution is included for report designers within the core product and available as an add on for other user types. Report distribution options include:

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