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Epicor Pro.file

PLM/PDM Solution

The Digital Backbone for Your Product and Data Documents

Digitalization is changing the face of the manufacturing industry and its products, resulting in new challenges and new opportunities. Product engineering and product management in particular have a pressing need for software solutions that support your digitalization strategy.

PRO.FILE is the new PLM/PDM platform for the digitalization of all product engineering and product management processes and all document-based workflows in technical industries.

Take your product engineering and product management to next level. Seamlessly manage your mechanics, electrical, electronics and software disciplines on a single, unified platform. Build a digital information twin to manage all of your product-related information – from inception to ongoing service delivery. This will enable you to engage in true enterprise-wide digital engineering and product management along the entire lifecycle.

What is pro.file
From PDM or DMStec to PLM, PRO.FILE delivers a seamless experience that enables users from all business units to access the same data backbone for all of their different needs. This provides them with insight into the relationships between your product data, accompanying documents, and emails, which in turn results in transparent processes, satisfied customers, and compliance confidence.
Digitalize Product Engineering and Product Management Processes
PRO.FILE is your enterprise-wide platform for digital product and document lifecycle management:
True application orientation requires application-specific objects (e.g. request, tool, test case etc.). ROCO (Repository of Custom Objects) lets you create these objects simply by configuration. This in turn allows to build your own applications or application- specific processes, such as tool management, requirements management, test management, or contract management.
The new EASY.CONtrol Panel replaces the previous Management Console and comes with enhanced configuration options, including improved status handling. A graphical editor is included to make your work easy and straightforward.
Apps let you boil down the PRO.FILE functionality to individual business processes. This makes your apps much faster and easier to use and allows you to take them with you wherever you need them.
PLMPDM Modern Platform

What it does better than conventional app programming: You get a turnkey infrastructure that includes everything from the PRO.FX- AppServer and integration with the app platform to the provision of the app in the respective app store. All you need to do is configure the app and publish it with the click of a button. This makes your PRO.FILE apps highly affordable and immediately available.

PRO.FILE is integrated with Kinetic, eliminating the need for manual BOM data input and comparison. Also, you can access your purchased parts. PRO.FILE serves as a bi- directional gateway between CAD systems and Kinetic, giving you the peace of mind that all of your data is exchanged in a reliable way at all times.