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Epicor IoT is a module of Epicor Kinetic integrated with the Microsoft® Azure IoT Hub which can be used to monitor and visualize data from sensors and smart machines. Epicor IoT leverages the power of Microsoft Azure IoT Hub with the context and in-depth production data of Epicor Kinetic to achieve new levels of operational efficiency through more intelligent insights into the production and day-to-day activities of your enterprise. Epicor IoT can monitor equipment, assets, environmental factors, inventory locations, and even intelligent products from Epicor (cloud or on-premise deployments) and their corresponding IoT data. Events and data (such as sensor and machine telemetry) flow into the IoT hub. From there that data propagates to the IoT module of Kinetic. The Kinetic IoT Module has an advanced rule-based engine that is able to detect patterns and raise alerts and notifications that propagate into Kinetic where they can be used to trigger business process changes (for example raising a maintenance suggestion when equipment degradation is detected).
Epicor IOT

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Use Epicor IoT to capture almost any business case that has value to your business. Some common examples include:

Epicor IoT Architecture

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