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What is Epicor

Epicor Kinetic ERP Software

Empower your business with Epicor

Epicor Kinetic ERP Software  is modular, industry-specific software used for company-wide business process management. Epicor software is well suited for accounting and finance, human resources, customer, supply chain, inventory, distribution and manufacturing management. Epicor software is available for both on-premises and cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (SaaS) ERP systems.

Epicor Software Corporation innovates by integrating the latest technologies into ERP systems. For example, Epicor uses the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to connect machines to shop floor sensors and programmable logic controllers (PLCs) in Advanced Manufacturing Management Software (MES) that seamlessly integrates with Epicor ERP (and MRP) system.

Epicor Software Corporation is always looking for innovative ways to incorporate cutting-edge technology into its ERP system. Epicor, for example, with its Advanced MES (manufacturing execution software) that easily interacts with the Epicor kinetic ERP (and MRP) system, employs the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) to connect machines with sensors and PLCs on the shop floor. Epicor is a provider of powerful Omni channel software for retailers, including ecommerce.

How EPICOR ERP Helpful For Business?

Epicor is a corporate growth engine

Epicor Kinetic
We offer industry-specific ERP software that is versatile and tailored to the needs of our manufacturing, distribution, retail, and service businesses. Every solution, whether in the cloud, hosted, or on-premises, is built on more than 45 years of experience. That is with customer-specific business processes and operational requirements. Epicor solutions help you expand while managing complexity by having a thorough grasp of your industry. You’ll have answers that free up your resources so you can focus on growing your company.

Which Types of Businesses Use Epicor?

We are an authorized channel partner of Epicor® Software Corporation

Businesses of all sizes use the Epicor ERP system and business management software, although Epicor customers are mostly mid-market size. Its customers are in 150 countries, with most based in the United States. 

Epicor ERP and business management software get used by companies of various sizes, while the Epicor customers are in the mid-market. It has customers in 150 countries, the majority of whom get based in the United States. The Epicor ERP system by companies in a variety of industries, including the following:

Infor Service Industries

Epicor ERP software service and asset management software system, which covers both field service and centralized service operations, is used by manufacturers and enterprises in the service industries.

To summarize this Epicor ERP overview, Epicor software gets used by businesses that need a complete management system. That stays up with technology and industry best practices and regulatory compliance needs. In its study on mid-sized companies, industry research firm Gartner rates and categorizes Epicor as Visionary.

Epicor Kinetic Solutions

It is sold as either hosted or cloud-based software and on-premise

This software is designed to support a growing manufacturing enterprise. With this tool, it enables your manufacturing company to thrive, compete, and continue to grow in a connected world. With Epicor, you can harness automation and data to ensure your business remains profitable and productive.
Epicor solutions include:

To summarize this overview of Epicor ERP, companies looking for a comprehensive management system that follows technology and industry best practices, including government compliance requirements, use the Epicor software. Industry research firm Gartner rates and ranks Epicor as a Foresight in its Midsize Business Report.

How much does an Epicor cost?

It is sold as either hosted or cloud-based software and on-premise

Epicor pricing is based on number of users, modules and selected business process management software products. Epicor ERP is a mid-range business software system. Add to your budget the cost of implementation, consulting, additional IT staff, Epicor training, user group meetings, additional 3rd party software, and Epicor customer service depending on your incident.
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