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Top 15 ERP Software

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ERP (enterprise resource planning) is software that is used by business firms to manage their day-to-day activities. It is designed which allows business to automate their process with ease. Nowadays as firms started getting large, they have started using ERP software. This software is designed in such a way that even a small business that has just started can use it and it can also be used by a corporation that has grown into big corporates. One major reason why companies used ERP is that it reduces their cost and increase their productivity. It’s a typical business software that manages your inventory pricing structure and the order of your customers. However, this software can also be used for many other purposes such as managing human resources and your workforce. From budgeting to forecasting, you can manage all of them from ERP.

ERP is very flexible when it comes to accepting payment. It can accept payments through credit cards as well as debit cards by monthly payment circle. Here we have shortlisted the top 15 ERP software providers in the country.

Epicor ERP Software

1. Lighthouse

Started in the year 2008, the main of the company was to make the job easier for business firms to scale up their operations. Lighthouse is a firm with 25 employees, having its main office in India and Dubai. Lighthouse ERP software helps businesses grow faster by providing them with the right consultation and tools to manage their business sales, operation, and marketing. It is believed that it is India’s most cost-effective and innovative resource planning software. Lighthouse has an inbuilt CRM (customer relationship management) which helps firms to keep track of their customers.
Overview: Main aim is to provide the best services to businesses so that they can flourish.
Payment: Monthly payment options
Specification: Talent management, Payroll, etc.
Language: English

2. Epicor Kinetic ERP

Started in the 2000s, this company provides ERP software to small medium and large enterprises. The main aim of this company is to keep innovating new things in order to accomplish the business targets of their employee. For the last two decades, they have constantly kept their bar high when it comes to customer service and satisfaction. Their software provides automation with ease and it is one of the main reasons why this firm is so popular.
Overview: Their software helps businesses to create a productive and healthy business.
Payment: Monthly as well as yearly options are available.
Specification: Data analysis, reporting, Human resources, etc.
Language: English

3. Unisolve

Starting in the year 1996, Unisolve is constantly providing its services in retail sectors to distributions and wholesale businesses. It is designed in order to reduce costs and increase the efficiency of the company. It also improves the quality of operations. Unisolve helps firms to manage their daily business such as shipment handling, inventory, sales and order, payroll, and many more. You can imagine their quality of service in such a way that in just 10 years, they grew from one location to 30 different cities in North America.
Overview: It gives you a deep insight into your business and provides the best business aid.
payment option: Monthly payment
Specification: Inventory management, GST handling, etc.
Language: English

4. ORGTraq

Started by two Indian American brothers, ORGTraq was the first company that brings AI technology support to this industry. ORGTraq company was started in the year 2016 to help lawyers. After that, this firm started generating content for various purposes. Now it is a SaaS-based integrated business tool that helps firms to collaborate and communicate with their other department. ORGTraq helps business organizations in many ways such as it manages their day-to-day inventories, order, and sales and also streamlining their small business.
Overview: Free business software that can help your business to fly.
Payment Option: Payments are usually done in a monthly cycle, but you can also make annual payments of it.
Specification: Invoicing, Order, Sales, Payroll.
Language: English

5. Konnect ERP

Konnect is a consulting company which is providing enterprise resource planning software solutions. It is a SaaS-based company whose aim is to provide its customer with the ability to manage their daily business. Started in the year 2015 by a team of IT experts, their vision was to provide low-cost ERP software to medium and small enterprises.
Overview: Provide the best consultation services to businesses.
Payment Option: Monthly payment options
Specification: HR, payroll management, Business intelligence, etc.
Language: English

6. Strategic ERP

Designed for the automation of the business process, Strategic ERP software offers a wide range of services that automate the entire process of a business. From initial information gathering to project management and implementation, this software has all that a business required. Over the year, this software had helps companies to automate their manual business process making them more efficient and reducing human error in daily calculations. It proved better customer satisfaction and satisfaction to employees by sharing real-time data analysis and helping them in decision making.
Overview: Offers you a trusted platform to expand your business and manage your work.
Payment Option: Monthly payment option
Specification: Common data exchange, reduce human error, etc.
Language: English

7. SAP

A German software company started in the year 1972, SAP’s main aim was to develop standard ERP business software. This company was founded by 5 former employees of IBM, and three of them have experience of more than 20 years. Currently, they are serving in more than 160 countries with a net worth of $84 billion as of the year 2018. Initially, they started services for business firms later they started selling their software to other companies in 1979.
Overview: They take your business idea to another level by providing the best software to them.
Payment Option: Monthly payment options are available
Specification: Project management. Human resources, etc
Language: English

8. Ant My ERP

Established in early 2008 by Pravin Patel, Ant my ERP is providing ERP software solutions to small and medium enterprises at affordable prices. It helps businesses to automate their all-business process, from orders to customer details. You can get a comprehensive solution for managing your daily chores. Their software can be sued by any firm whether it is large or small one.
Overview: Excellent platforms which give wings to your business.
Payment Option: Annual, as well as monthly payment options, is available.
Specification: Real-time data management, automated entries, etc.
Language: English

9. ERP Solutions

ERP terms were first used by the Gartner group in the 1990s however it was still not clear at that time what ERP actually mean. This software was designed to manage their business operation across different departments. ERP helps business to monitor and manage their resource and finance by streamlining their operations and keeping close track of their inventory.
Overview: You will get assistance and guidance from a professional team, who help them to build your business.
Payment Option: Monthly as well as annual payment options.
Specification: Business management. 24*7 assistance.
Language: English

10. PCSPFT ERP Software

A leading software development company, PCSOFT ERP software was founded in the year 1988. This company offers comprehensive solutions to firms who are looking to streamline their business process. With having an experience of more than 20 years, they are consistently providing high-quality solutions to their customers across the globe. Currently, they are serving in more than 15 countries and have 50 offices including India, the UK, the USA, and many more. PCSOFT ERF is a well-known brand in the IT industry.
Overview: This firm provides you an exactly what you need.
Payment Option: This firm provides payments on daily bases in some cases. Apart from that monthly and annual options are also available.
Specification: HR management, Real-time data management, etc.
Language: English

11. BizNext

BizNext is an ERP software provider which was started in the year 2017 by Gaurav Gupta and Rohit Gupta. The main aim of the company is to provide solutions to its customer. It provides them with an online armlet place. BizNext has increased its employee strength from 10 to 150 in the same year and its revenue increased by 6 crores in a single year. This shows their potential and the types of services they provide.
Overview: A perfect destination to take your idea to next level.
Payment Option: Monthly payment options available.
Specification: Business aid, HR, etc.
Language: English

12. TFAT

The future of accounting or TFAT is ERP software which serves small and medium enterprises. It was developed by a team of professionals who have an experience in the IT field and they have in-depth knowledge as well. TFAT ERP provides services to e-commerce, warehouse, retail management, sales, order, purchase, etc. It is backed by 24*7 customer support.
Overview: A leading name in the field of ERP software, which helps businesses to grow faster.
Payment Option: Monthly and annual payment options are available.
Specification: Customer Relationship Management, order, distribution, etc.
Language: English


Founded in the year 1994, CREST System is developed by software experts who have experience of more than 2 decades. CREST ERP software is designed in such a way that it meets all the requirements of midsize to large firms. CREST ERP is a powerful and flexible solution that is used by more than 15000 companies. It is used by various firms such as manufacturing, retail, logistic, and many more.
Overview: Best place to seek assistance ad aid. You will get the best management services.
Payment Option: Monthly as well as annual payment services are available.
Specification: Barcode integration HR, Email services. Etc,
Language: English

14. Retail Graph

Retail Graph helps its clients to understand what their customers are actually expecting from them. This company was established in the year 1994 and it has more than 2000 clients. This software provides insight into the customer journey and it allows business owners to take better decisions so that they can improve their business. RetailGraph provides a wide range of services.
Overview: Provides new height to your business.
Payment Option: Monthly and annual options are available.
Specification: HR, payroll, data analysis, etc.
Language: English


ERPNEXT is the most innovative ERP software globally due to its flexible and robust solutions which it provides to firms of all sizes. Simple Interface provided by ERP NEXT makes it easy to use. This software is designed in such a way that is easy to use and can be used by anyone whether it is a beginner or an expert.
Overview: One of the best ERP providers in the market.
Payment Option: Monthly and annual payment options are available.
Specification: Teamwork, User Interface, Data management, etc.
Language: English


As the company is getting larger, there is an urgent demand for ERP software in order to handle them smoothly. ERP software has features that help businesses holistically to manage their sales inventory and production. It provides uses accurate data and reports. The use of ERP software is not just limited to manufacturing companies, nowadays it is used by services providers, schools, suppliers retailers, and many more. This software has constantly helped firms to streamline themselves, and their operations, and maintain inventory management. CorporateServe tech is one of the best ERP software providers in India that is providing a complete suite of application and modules which helps business to manage their operation with ease.
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